What is a file extension?

File extension is that portion at the end of a filename (suffix) that describes its file type. The file extension can be from one to several characters long and can be usually identified easily since the filename and its extension are separated by a “.” like for example “computer.jpg” which indicates that the jpg part is the file extension for that file. JPG is a well known format which is basically an image file. JPG images are commonly found on web pages because of their small size. Different applications are required to open different types of files based on their file type. Information about file type associations and the applications which are allowed to open them is stored in windows registry. This website contains a comprehensive database of file extensions. The information we provide regarding each file format is brief and to-the-point. We are constantly researching all media to bring you the best user experience possible on the internet in terms of usability and content. Each entry contains information about the file format, its creator, a description of the file, related applications which make use of that particular file extension, and its common path which is the location on disk where it is most likely to find this type of file on your computer.

File extension listing: